Peacemaker stabbed 42 times by “drinking buddy”

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

A drunken brawl among friends in Orange Walk Town on New Year’s Eve ended in the vicious stabbing of one man, Miguel Medina, 51, who police say, was stabbed 42 times by one of his drinking partners.
The stabbings occurred at the home of Rodrigo Ayuso on Fonseca Street, just a few blocks from Medina’s home on Guyana Street.

Medina, reports say, spent many of his hours socialising with friends on Fonseca Street where death caught up with him around 6 p.m. last Wednesday.
Deputy Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police station, Assistant Superintendent of Police Selvyn Tillett, explained that a fight broke out at Ayuso’s house and Medina , who was sleeping at the time, jumped up to intervene. That was when the knifebearer focused the attack turned to him.

Police say the stab wounds covered Medina’s head, face, neck, back, arms and chest.
Orange Walk police detained three suspects and on Monday they arrested and charged Tony Pasos, who has been remanded to prison February 11th for preliminary hearings.

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