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Pastor in Orange Walk charged with child pornography

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Gerardo Lopez, 60, a pastor of Boca de Poder Evangelical Church in Trial Farm Village, Orange Walk, is facing a slew of child pornography offenses after an anonymous woman handed over pictures of the pastor and two little girls, taken in the nude.

Based on the pictures provided, along with information from an official at the Trial Farm Government School that one of the girls, a 10 year-old, had been missing classes, police raided Lopez’ home Friday morning.

Lopez has confessed to taking the pictures of the little girls, the second of whom is only three years old, and their mother. When police searched Lopez’ cell phone it also contained nude pictures of the mother and children.

Lopez is charged with four counts of producing child pornography. Police are also contemplating filing charges against the mother, who had been having a sexual relationship with Lopez and who had allowed the little girls to accompany him on a swimming trip.

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