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One detained for violent in home invasion in San Pedro

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

San Pedro Police have detained one man after a violent home invasion in the Tres Cocos Area of San Pedro Town. The department told the Reporter on Saturday that due to protocol, the person’s name will not be released until he has been formally charged.

Reports are that officers visited the Cloister’s apartment building yesterday where they saw 68-year-old Douglas Kelly, his wife 65-year-old Gail Neal, and 40-year-old Thomas Fiorille, all American citizens, suffering from cut wounds.

Investigations revealed that Kelly and Neal were in their living room when they heard a noise coming from their front veranda. When Kelly went to investigate a tall, dark-skinned man attacked him. His wife was injured as she tried to assist him in the struggle.

Hearing the commotion, Thomas Fiorille went to investigate and he ended up being injured as well.

Kelly had wounds to the wrist, hand, stomach and head, while Neal had cut wounds over the left eye and mouth. Fiorille had a cut wound to the chest and wrist.

The assailant managed to escape, but failed to take anything from the house.

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