Norman Slusher, 23, charged for Jason Canto’s death

Norman Slusher, 23, a construction worker of #15 Tigris Street, was remanded to the Belize Central Prison earlier this week  charged with Jason Canto’s murder.

Canto was ambushed as he sat in a barber’s chair at Dale’s Barber Shop on West Canal Street in Belize
City around 7:45 on Thursday night, May 10.

Police say two men of Creole descent entered the barber shop from a side door and opened fire, killing Canto where he sat.

The gunmen then abandoned the stolen bicycles on which they had arrived in front of the barber shop and ran down Bishop’s Street.

Unknownst to them, one of the other patrons had his licensed pistol with him and pursued them, firing and hitting Slusher in the right leg and lower abdomen.

An emergency response ambulance transported Slusher to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was placed under police guard until he could recover and be formally charged. The other gunman escaped.

Adriel Pelayo, who was also in the barber shop, was shot in his foot.

Slusher returns to court on Friday, June 29.

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