NO Leads in Artefact Heist in San Pedro

San Pedro Police have no leads in what has been reported as the robbery of valuable artefacts from the San Pedro House of Culture.
According to manager of the establishment, Guillermo Paz, it happened sometime over the weekend. The robbery was discovered on Sunday.
Police say that an unidentified person or persons forced open the front door of the House of Culture, located on Angel Coral Drive, and got away with the artifacts.

They have been provided with a list of items which are missing, including two conch shell rings, three stone axes, an ink pot, a jade ear flare said to be rare, three net weights, two arrow heads, a loom weight and a conch shell spoon.

The exact dollar value of the stolen artefacts is unknown. The San Pedro House of Culture is estimating that the artefacts were valuable, but a source inside the Police Department is claiming that their investigation suggests that the items stolen were just trinkets, worth only a few dollars to tourists.
Still, Director of the Museum of Belize and Houses of Culture, Sherilyn Jones, says that Interpol has been contacted, and assistance requested in tracking down the stolen items.

According to Jones, that is the protocol whenever artefacts are stolen from Belize. She told the Reporter that “whenever objects of historical or cultural nature are stolen, we contact Interpol. We list all the objects that were taken and these go on to the Interpol website which is circulated around the globe. If the item shows up in any art dealer or any country they can be tracked back to Belize.”

Currently there is a bilateral agreement with the United States which assists in the return of the many priceless artefacts which find their way out of Belize each year.

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