No charge for woman who killed son-in-law

By Benjamin Flowers

The Belize Police Department will not press any charges against 62-year-old Moszetta Reyes for the chopping death of 54-year-old Arthur wade.

The police explained on Thursday that after the Director Of Public Prosecutions (DPP) considered the evidence in the case, she decided not to proceed with any charges against Reyes for chopping her daughter’s boyfriend to death on January 22nd.

Recalling the traumatic experience, Reyes explained that she was at her home in Biscayne village when Wade came and demanded to see her daughter Alva, who is mentally ill.

Reyes said that at the time, Alva, for her own safety was isolated in a plywood structure and secured with a padlock. When Reyes refused to give Wade the key, he attempted to knock the padlock off the door with a large stick as he had done the day prior, however, this time Reyes called the police.

Wade then hit her with the stick causing an injury to her buttocks and went to hit her again when she ran.

He gave chase and confronted her at the top of her stairs where, Reyes, fearing for her life, grabbed a machete and swung at him causing one wound to the back of the neck and another to his upper right arm.

“I don’t know what all I was doing with the machete, but I was getting him off of me,” Reyes explained on Monday, still shaken by the turn of events.

Wade was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial hospital but died on Sunday night. Reyes explained that Wade had a history of both violent behaviour and alcoholism. Ladyville police say that they were uncertain whether he was under the influence of alcohol the night of the attack.

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