Motorcycles crash! One rider dead!

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

A rare head-on collision between two motorcycles last Saturday evening on the George Price highway has left one driver dead and the other in an induced coma.
The crash occurred between miles 18 and 19 in Sand Hill village around 7:40 p.m..
Bernard Churchill was driving from Ladyville towards Orange Walk. Kareem Arnold was heading in the opposite direction.

Senior Supt. Edward Broaster told reporters that Churchill crashed into Arnold while over-taking another vehicle.. The fuel tank on Arnold’s black Meilun motorcycle exploded into flames. Kareem Arnold was killed on impact. Churchill was flung violently from his bike and is today in an induced coma at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.
Supt. Broaster noted that Arnold was driving a motorbike no headlight. He had a portable spotlight strapped to his forehead.

Sand Hill resident Calbert Budd, who is employed with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), said he heard what sounded like an explosion in his home. When he came outside, he saw people trying to extinguish a blaze. He observed two young men lying on the road, and one (later identified as Churchill) was gasping for air. He said he advised residents to not move him, but to turn him on his side so he cold breathe more easily.

Budd called for an ambulance and returned to the accident scene to slow down and divert traffic
He noted that a growing number of motor cyclists, some of them ridingpowerful Ninja bikes, use that stretch of highway for speed driving.

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