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Mother and toddler robbed of vehicle and abandoned on road

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

A 26 year-old mother and her 20 month-old toddler experienced a frightening incident on Friday night when two masked men forced her t stop her vehicle, tied her up and drove off in her vehicle, leaving her and the infant on the road.

The woman whom is from the Valley community, Hummingbird highway, Stann Creek, told police that around 9:30 p.m. while she was driving on a feeder road towards her home along with her baby daughter, she was forced to stop at the sight of pieces of tree branches on the road.

Just then, two masked men came out of nearby bushes and one of them pointed a gun at her forehead and demanded her vehicle, her cell phone and money. The mother said the man with the gun tied her hands and put her on the road while the other one took out the baby and put her on the road beside her. Not men then took off in the woman’s tan-coloured 2003 Chevy S-10 four-door pick-up worth $24,000.

Police say the vehicle was recovered in the Cayo district and they are looking for two suspects.

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