Monday morning murder was gang related, confirmed cops

By Michelle Sutherland

The old capital is once again reporting an uptick in murders and shootings. On Monday police added one more murder investigation to their list, after a man was gunned down in cold blooded fashion on Curl Thompson Street in Belize City.

While the investigation is still in it’s infancy stage, police have since detained two persons in relation to the murder of 32-year-old Gilroy Martinez, which occurred sometime after 8:15 a.m on Monday, August 28.

Martinez was targeted by two men who opened fire on him while he was leaving a yard. Two bullets met their mark to his head, killing him instantly. Minutes later his lifeless body was scooped up from the scene and taken to the Belize City morgue.

In a press briefing on Monday Sr. Supt Marco Vidal, O.C., Eastern Division South, confirmed that the investigation suggests that Martinez’s murder might have been gang related, since the night prior to his demise he had gotten into an argument with two persons from the neighborhood where he was threatened.

Tension in the neighborhood has spiked and on Monday morning heavy police presence descended on the area to stop further retaliation.

Police confirmed that Martinez had multiple run-ins with the law but did not reveal details.

The deceased, a construction worker by trade, leaves behind five children and a common-law wife.

Records indicate that as many as seven murders have been recorded in the month of August, making it one of the most murderous months, following the rather peaceful calm since the gang truce was implemented in April of this year.

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