Mom shot dead in front of family 

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

A mother of three, was shot dead while heading home on the George Price Highway in a vehicle with her family.

Roselia Galvez, 43, a resident of Society Hall Road, Roaring Creek, was killed around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, after enjoying an afternoon of sporting activities in More Tomorrow Village, Cayo.

Galvez was sitting in the front passenger seat next to the driver, her common-law husband, Russel Hyde, Sr., 44. Her children, two sons and a daughter, and four other family members were sitting in the pan of the pick-up truck when the gunman fired at them. A bullet to the head that rendered her brain-dead within minutes. She died about an hour later at the Western Regional Hospital, despite doctors’ frantic efforts to save her life.

Hyde, a businessman of Camalote Village, had almost reached home in his black Toyota single cab pick-up truck. He and had slowed down at the section of the road where the ongoing infrastructural work for a round-about is taking place at the intersection with the Hummingbird Highway. That was when the gunman pounced.
Hyde told The Reporter that he saw the shooter appear from the bush near the front gate of Guanacaste National Park. He saw him aim his rifle at their vehicle and fire two shots, hitting Galvez in the head.

Hyde said he recognized the gunman as “a former friend from Roaring Creek”.  Hyde said he has not gone to the police with this information because he has no faith in the police, based on previous run-ins with the cops.. 
In a conversation with this newspaper, Hyde said that someone had informed him a week before the shooting of a plan to kill his son, Russel Hyde, Jr, 23.
He said he believes the shooter was actually targeting his son, who was sitting in the pan of the truck with the rest of the family.  He also believes that someone conspired with the shooter and notified him when he and his family were leaving More Tomorrow Village.

Galvez’ relatives also believe the samehave the same view and have challenge the police to find her killer.
Her brother, Charles Galvez, says he has little faith that justice will be served “based on the history of crime and violence … in Belize…”.
The police have no suspects so far, but are following a few leads.
Russel Hyde has made the news a few times before. In 2005, he and two of his brothers, Clifford and Dennis along with Delvin Galvez were charged with the stabbing murder of Allison Castillo, who was killed in Belmopan on June 4, 2005. He and Clifford were convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter, while his brother Dennis and friend, Delvin Galvez were acquitted. But on appeal, Hyde was freed.

Hyde later made news again when police brought drug trafficking and possession of unlicensed gun charges against him. In both instances, he claimed the police had framed him.

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