Mom safe, but daughter 8, dies in road trauma

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

A routine trip between San Ignacio and Benque Viejo Town turned tragic for a mother and her three children on Independence Day, when their vehicle overturned, killing one of the children, eight year oldKeylin.

Head of the San Ignacio police formation, Superintendent Andrew Ramirez indicated that sometime around 2:30 p.m., Evelyn Kuylen, a 31 year old clerk of a Churchill Street address in Benque Viejo, had an accident while driving her grey Mazda Tribute SUV from San Ignacio to Benque Viejo. Herw her two daughters, two year old Andrea, and Keylin , aged eight were with her, along with her son, 9 year old Ken Mai. Just before they reached the business establishment called Rumors, her car developed a real wheel blow-out cuaing her to lose control of the vehicle and overturn.

Keylin, who suffered a grevious blow to her head and abrasions to her limbs and body, died at 2:55 p.m. at the San Ignacio Town hospital. Her son, Ken received injuries to the forehead, and face and abrasions to his hands, land left knee. Andrea, her daughter sustained abrasions to her knee and a cut wound to the head.
When investigators arrived at the scene at around 2:40 in the afternoon they found Kuylen’s vehicle on the left side of the road with extensive damage to its front passenger side, the roof, of the car, windshield, hood, and the rear passenger glass.

Supt. Ramirez has cautioned the driving public to exercise caution when approaching this portion of the highway where the accident happened, because of a dangerous curve.
Earier this year, retired US citizen, Davis Turner, 68, lost his life at that very stretch of road.

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