Missing person found dead in Teakettle Village, allegedly killed by friend

By Michelle Sutherland

An 18-year-old Teakettle resident is facing a murder charge for allegedly murdering his friend, 17-year-old Ernest Wiltshire, whose body was found in an advanced state of decomposition last Friday.

Belmopan Police have confirmed that Shemar Santos has been arrested and charged for the murder.

Wiltshire or “Jun ”, as he was affectionately known, was discovered in a face-down position, fatally chopped up and hidden in some bush about a mile behind Teakettle Village, through the Arizona Road. His body was found around 1:10 p.m. on Friday, March 3 by a search party, four days after he was last seen alive by family members.

According to Wiltshire’s mother, Everlyn Woodye, she last saw her son alive around 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning after he told her that he was going for a swim with some friends at the river.

Woodye said that Wiltshire never returned home that day but she waited for her son to contact her as he usually does. She said that when she did not hear from him, she proceeded to the Belmopan Police station to file a missing person report on Friday.

The mother said that she believes her son was lured to his death on Tuesday after he returned from his swim. She said that several persons saw a group of young men climb the hill where Wiltshire’s body was found.

The family says that the boys were good friends, however, the accused had threatened to kill Wiltshire before but they did no take the threats seriously. The family says that they are afraid that more violence could erupt from the situation.

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