Missing Norwegian man found dead

By Michelle Sutherland

A five-day search for a Norwegian-Belizean businessman who was reported missing came to a close on Friday afternoon after his badly decomposed body was recovered from the dense forest off the Humming Bird Highway in St. Margarets village.
Christoffer Roggema, 69, was found laying in a grassy area about 100 yards from where he reportedly went missing on October 9th. His body was discovered by a search party combing the area. Members of the search party tracked the body by following a foul smell.

The theory that Roggema died of natural causes due to his failing health was further confirmed by Belmopan police on Monday. There were no indications of any foul-play.
Last Monday Roggema went missing after going on a hike with a business associate and a land surveyor to check on property located near the Sibun River, which he was interested in purchasing.

Despite warning from his family not to go, he insisted on taking the trip. On the way back, he became ill and told his companions to go ahead for the vehicle.
When they returned, they searched but could not find Roggema. They presumed he had wandered off and got lost and reported the matter to police.

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