Mentally challenged deliveryman shot dead at home

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Dedron McKay, 20, a mentally-challenged deliveryman for Smiling Meats, was shot dead in front of his sister and other relatives at his family home at #19 Haynes Street, near the corner with Kraal Road, sometime around 8:30 Saturday night.

the area where McKay and his relatives were gathered, and where he collapsed

the area where McKay and his relatives were gathered, and where he collapsed

McKay’s older sister, Natasha Smith, told the Reporter that he had just had a long day at work and came home eating a biscuit, joking at the back of the yard. She said he spent a few minutes at the back of the yard with them and then walked toward the front when a gunman opened fire on McKay, who tried to turn back and run to the back of the yard.

He collapsed in front of Smith, choking on his own blood. The shots struck him in the abdomen and the right lower side of his back, and McKay was pronounced dead at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital less than an hour later.

The shooter reportedly ran up Haynes Street towards the Yarborough area after he shot McKay, and police are looking for him. The family did not get to see who he was because they were gathered around the other side of the house when McKay was shot.

The family believes strongly that McKay’s killing was a case of mistaken identity, since he was not known to associate with any gang, and was mentally challenged. They lament that the shooter took away not only McKay’s mother’s last child, but her means of survival, because he looked after her.

Police say the murder was a retaliatory act for the shooting that occurred on the afternoon of Sunday, October 29 in front of a house at #10 Neal’s Penn Road, when Godwin Flowers, 28; Cameron Moreira, 18; Darren Dawson, 32; and Gerald Tillett, 67, suffered gunshot injuries while gathered on the sidewalk.

McKay will be laid to rest on Saturday.

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