Mark Medina murdered on Iguana Street, taxi driver becomes casualty

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Reputed George Street insider, Mark “Wanka” Medina was shot and killed execution-style on Sunday morning in front of a residence on Iguana Street.

The taxi driver who took him to the house, 55-year-old Egbert Hemmans, was also shot and later died.

Superintendent Hilberto Romero, Officer commanding the Crimes Inevestigaitions Branch (CIB),recalled that Medina arrived at the residence around 10 in the morning in a taxicab being driven by Egbert Hemmans. As he stood on the widewalk in front of the yard, a masked assailant attacked and shot him several times.

After Medina fell to the ground the gunman reportedly stood over him and pumped several more shots into him before shooting Hemmans in the chest and abdomen as he sat in his taxicab.

Medina died on the spot but Hemmans drove himself to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was admitted in a critical condition. He died several hours later on Monday night.

Superintendent Romero recounted that police have detained several individuals for questioning concerning the double murder, but no charges have been pressed against anyone just yet.

Romero indicated that police may also be interested in reviewing Medina’s telephone records since it was reported that he was lured to that place via a phone call ,by someone he obviously knew and trusted

Medina’s family has said that he went to the residence on Iguana Street to retrieve something that belonged to him, after he received a telephone call telling him to go there.

In the past, Medina had faced charges for several offenses, including murder, possession of unlicensed gun, displaying gang membership and several others.
Taxidriver Hemmans has had no prior history with the police.

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