Man tied up and killed in home

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

A 56-year-old man was killed inside his home on Pine Street and found with his hands tied behind his back, a rag tied around his face and a mattress on top of his body.

According to police, William Garbutt was found on Monday night, partially decomposing in his home after neighbors noticed a foul smell coming from the house. Garbutt had apparently been killed some time over the weekend.

Douglas Hyde, acting police press officer, said that initial investigations have revealed that Garbutt was last seen on Friday and reports indicate that Garbutt was involved in some altercation and was seen bleeding before going home that night.

According to neighbors, Garbutt was a hard-working man who washed cars and didn’t trouble anyone. The family believes that murder is the only explanation for what happened to Garbutt.
Due to the state of decomposition the body was transported to Belizean Beach for the post mortem to be conducted. Police continue to investigate the incident.

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