Man shot to death on Plues Street

By Alexis R. Milan Staff Reporter

A Supaul Street resident, 25-year old Tarique “Pauly” Cadle, was shot several times and died on Wednesday morning in a yard on Plues Street.
Cadle, who would frequently hang out on Plues Street and had several friends in the area, was at a friend’s house when he was shoin the head.
Police arrived on the scene shortly after the shooting to process the crime scene.
The victim’s sister also arrived on the scene shortly after she heard the news to identify her brother to police. Then the body was taken to the morgue for a post-mortem examination.
Tarique’s sister, Kassian Cadle, stated that she believed that her brother was set-up because he hangs around the George Street and Plues Street area, which has been reported to be in conflict with members from the Supaul Street area.
The murder is believed to be in retaliation for a shooting that took place the night before at the corner of King Street and West Collet Canal. In that incident, two men, 25-year-old Kariq Tzul and 27-year-old Andrew Tate were shot while sitting on the steps of the house in a yard.
A gunman fired a voley of 15 shots and Tzul was hit twice in the upper left leg while Tate was shot in both arms, both legs and in his abdomen.
Both men were taken to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where Tzul was admitted in a stable condition while Tate was listed as being in critical condition.
According to Supt. Alden Dawson, the officer commanding Precinct One, no one has been detained for the murder of Cadle and police investigations are still ongoing.
Cadle’s uncle, Jason “Soup” Williams, was detained in connection with the Tuesday night shooting.
The shootings are believed to be the result of a conflict which exists between rival factions of the Conch Shell Bay fish market.

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