Man shot and killed

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Ernel Welcome Jr., also known as Ernel Young, a 40 year-old man who walked with a cane, was found shot to death around 8 a.m. on Saturday at # 4 Casaurina Street where he stayed alone.

Welcome was shot once in the forehead with what investigators believe was a handgun with a silencer attached. His immediate neighbours, reports say, heard nothing.

While police have no suspects, they believe that Welcome’s killer took revenge over some incident from his colorful past.
Welcome was the prime suspect in the kidnapping and murder of business heiress, Therese Blake Ayuso in October of 2000.

Neighbours who said they saw a bearded man kidnap Blake near her home in Newtown Barracks could not identify Welcome in an idntification parade, because he had smuggled a razor into his detention cell and had removed his beard and eyebrows.

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