Man sentenced for sodomy

A Belize City man, indicted on a changed of sodomy, was sentenced to four years in prison, after he changed  his ‘not guilty’ plea to guilty, in the Supreme Court of Justice Troaido Gonzalez. 

Kareem Hamilton, 26, a bus conductor and resident of Morters Lane, who was a  remanded prisoner for over two years, pleaded guilty to one count of an unnatural crime.

Hamilton’s guilty plea came after a jury was already empanelled to hear his case, in the court of Justice Troaido Gonzalez.

Hamilton, who was unrepresented by an attorney at the hearing, did not make a mitigation plea, neither did he call any character witness to testify on his behalf.

In handing down the sentence, Justice Gonzalez stipulated that the remanded time be subtracted from the present sentence. Therefore, Hamilton will serve a little less than four more  years in prison.

The maximum sentence for a conviction of an unnatural crime is ten years.

On April 29, 2011, Hamilton buggered a 15-year-old mentally challenged boy.

In his statement to the police, the boy said that he met Hamilton at the bus stop near the Supreme Court building. Hamilton, the boy stated, told him that he had something for him and that he should to his (Hamilton) house for it.

The boy’s stepmother also gave a statement to the police, saying that she had sent him to buy ice and that she did not see him until the following day, April 29.

According to the boy’s stepmother, it was his father, her husband, who had seen him in front of Li Chee restaurant on Freetown Road, and brought him home.

She told police that when she saw her stepson, he was walking in a strange way. When she questioned him, he told her that he was hurting in the rear end.She then asked him, who had hurt him and he told her that it was Hamilton.

The boy, his father and stepmother reported the incident, and a doctor confirmed that the boy had been  sodomized.

The boy was able to positively identify Hamilton in a police identification parade, almost two months after the incident had occurred.

After police completed their investigation Hamilton was arrested and charged for the offense.

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