Man found dead in school bathroom

Classes were suspended for the students at the Guinea Grass RC School in Guinea Grass Village, Orange Walk District, around 9 a.m. Monday, after a six-year-old girl discovered the body of a male person in the bathroom.
Authorities were informed and soon after the body was identified as 30-year-old Asael Gomez, a resident of the village.
Gomez was missing since Saturday morning. The last time he was seen was by his aunt, Juanita Jimenez, who said that he visited her about ten that morning.
After Gomez too failed to return when expected, Jimenez and her younger sister eventually went to search for him in the village but to no avail.
Gomez’s mother even searched at the hospital and police station but Gomez was nowhere to be found.
On Monday, however, someone informed Jimenez that a body had been found at the Guinea Grass RC School.
The circumstances surrounding Gomez’s death are still uncertain.
He was discovered face down in one of the female latrines at the school.
According to Consuelo Eguizabal, the homeroom teacher of the six-year-old girl who found him, the child had asked for permission to use the bathroom.
“About two minutes later she came back and then she said Miss there is a man in the bathroom,” Equizabal recalled.
She explained that she doubted the child at first, but eventually passed on the information to the school’s vice principal.
“I informed him [the vice principal] of what the child had informed me and so he said that he was going to go and see and then he was right back.”
The school officials confirmed the child’s report. In a cruel twist of faith, the child who found Gomez turned out to be his cousin.
Gomez’s knapsack, cell phone and machete were also found inside the bathroom and have been collected as evidence.
The family reports that he had been drinking heavily as of late, but cannot say whether he was in any trouble.
Jimenez stated that he had no known enemies because he was a well-known mason in the village.
There were no apparent signs of violence to the body except for a gash on the head.
It is believed that Gomez was intoxicated and wanted to use the latrine and he somehow managed to locate the bathroom situated at the school grounds. It is alleged that he may have tripped, hit his head and died as a consequence. Meanwhile, police investigations continue.
Classes had to be suspended for the authorities to carry out their investigation and children remained out of class for the rest of the day.
School teacher Eguizabal said the children “were very shocked because this is the very first time that this has happened”.
Classes resumed on Tuesday and the catholic primary school counsellor has been in sessions with the traumatized students and the teachers.
The school’s management is still deciding whether they want to abolish the rest room facility or seal it off from students. In the meantime, students are utilizing the bathroom facilities at the Preschool, which also sits on the school’s campus.

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