Man accuses police of abuse of authority

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

A man is accusing three policemen of abusing their authority while they held him in their custody on Saturday night.

Dorita Muschamp, claims police abused her son

Dorita Muschamp, claims police abused her son

Dorita Muschamp told the media that she had just left her son, Yulide Allen at a shop on Jasmine Street and headed to her house. She said that by the time she reached home, her mother called her to tell her that Allen came home barely able to see and his clothes were stained and wet. She said Allen relayed that three policemen had taken him hostage, beaten him, pepper-sprayed and frightened him into thinking they would kill him.

Muschamp said she was fed up with the police, who had done the same thing in three previous occasions and let her son go without charging him. She has made a report against the three officers and says she believes it is all over a personal issue, which she refrained from revealing.

On Monday, Allen gave the Reporter his first-hand account of the incident, saying that the three policemen accosted him while he and another youth were heading home around 9:00 Saturday night. He said the three officers were in a police mobile that stopped them, searched them and then let go his friend. The policemen took him into custody, however, and reportedly took off with him in the back seat and told him they were taking him to a residence where they knew he and the occupant had an old dispute.

Medico-legal form, classifies injuries Allen suffered as 'harm'

Medico-legal form, classifies injuries Allen suffered as ‘harm’

It turned out that they took him to an area on Chetumal Street, allegedly turned off the vehicle lights, came out of the police vehicle and walked around to where he sat. He said that one of them started to hit him with a pepper spray canister, and hit him in the face, while asking him about various crimes that had been committed in the area.

Allen said that for about half an hour, the three officers took turns at slapping him in the face. The one who had the pepper spray then instructed him to take off his shirt and to get out of the truck. He said that fearing they would shoot him and leave him there, he refused, at which point they tried to force him out of the truck. He said they pepper-sprayed his face and threw water on the spot so it would burn his skin. Allen said he asked them what they wanted and the one with the pepper spray said he wanted his soul, as he continued to pepper spray his face. The youth said he told them that he needed air to breathe and forced the door open where he sat, after which he managed to get out and jump into the pan of the truck and run away.

Dorita Muschamp said the police returned Sunday and took her son again. This time, she said, they took him to Precinct 1 police station where they interrogated him about a shooting and other criminal activity.

From there, they took him to the Raccoon Street police station on Sunday night where they held him until Monday morning without charging him. In between the transfer from Precinct 1 to Raccoon Street, Muschamp insisted that they take her son to the hospital for the wounds and skin irritation, allegedly caused when they pepper-sprayed him the night before. The medico-legal form classifies Allen’s injuries as ‘harm’.

Muschamp says her son fears for his life and she appeals to the police to stop harassing and intimidating him because he is not involved in crime.

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