Lovers go to jail on gun assault charge

A man and his girlfriend will spend a few nights in jail because of an allegation of armed assault and robbery.

The charge was made by Mario Galvez, business owner of Red House Liquor Store.

Galvez went to the police to complain that his former girlfriend, 28 year-old Ester Garcia and her new boyfriend, Nicolai Rhys, went to his home and Rhys assaulted him with a gun, broke into his home and stole from him.

Ester Garcia scoffed at the notion that Galvez was ever her boyfriend, and denied any involvement in any assault against him. She told the court that Galvez is obsessed with her and insanely jealous of  Rhys.

But as Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer explained it, once any assault with a gun is reported, the law requires an automatic remand to jail.

Nicolai Rhys has also denied the gun charge, but he and his girlfriend will have  to spend some time in jail until they can arrange for bail in the Supreme Court

A hearing of the gun assault charge has been set for July 25, some eight weeks away.

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