Logan charged with 54 counts of theft and forgery

By Anita Nembhard
Free Lance Reporter

On Monday this week, a 72 year retiree of the Button Wood Bay area claimed he is the r victim of a theft where a Button Wood Bay mechanic stole more than $6,000 in cash from his personal Scotia Bank account within a two-week period. The elderly citizen claims that in the process, 18 cheques were cashed without his knowledge.

Glennford Logan had been in police custody all day on Monday and in the afternoon, the 28 year old mechanic of the Button Wood Bay area and a father of two children, was arraigned for the offenses of theft, forgery and claiming upon a forged document.

Fifty-four counts were read to Logan within a one-hour period when he appeared before Magistrate Ladonna John around 3:00 that evening.

Logan who was represented in court by attorney, Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor, was charged with 18 counts of theft, 18 counts of forgery and 18 counts of claiming upon a forged document.

Allegations being made by 72 year-old John Oliver are that between the period of August 5 and August 22, 2015, Logan stole from his Scotia Bank account, a total of $6,250.00.
In court, before the charges were read to him, MagistrateLadonna John explained to Logan that no plea will be taken from him. She will only ask him if he understand the charges read to him.

nSince the amount is relatively small, however, the theft charges could and may be dealt with summarily in a trial at the lower court, while the other two serious offenses of claiming upon a forged document and forgery will be dealt with on indictment at the Supreme Court.

Since the prosecution was not certain yet how the matters will proceed, no plea was taken from Logan.
In court, the prosecutor, Cpl. Christopher Smith of Court #4, had no objections to bail being granted to Logan but asked that conditions be set.

Logan’s attorney, Mayor Darrel Bradley was concerned about the quantum of bail and asked the court to set a reasonable bail so his client could post bail before end of the day.
Magistrate John told Counsellor Bradley that she will be guided by other bails as they relate to charges similar to those charges twhich have come before the court.

She offered Logan bail in the sum of $6,000 plus one surety and said that due to the serious nature of the charges of forgery and claiming upon a forged document, and because those are indictable offenses, she would not split the bail.

The magistrate ordered Logan to surrender all his travel documents, including his passport. aHe must also report to the Belama Phase 4 police station once a week, every Monday between t 7:00 a.m., and 7:00 p.m. He must also not leave the jurisdiction without the court’s permission.
By 4:30, Logan was able to post bail and is due back in court on November 30, 2015 where he is expected to be presented with the disclosure against him.

In a report to police, John Oliver told police that he got a call from Scotiabank, informing that within the last two weeks, a total of 18 cheques had been brought to the bank and cashed in the name of Glenford Logan from his personal account.

He also reported to police that his personal cheque book for Scotia Bank had been stolen.
As a result of that, Oliver visited the police station and made a report that he was not the one who signed the cheques and requested police action into the matter.
As a result, Logan was arrested and charged.

Reports say that Logan has known Oliver for more than eight years and that he has been running errands repeatedly for Oliver.

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