Lee Henkis, 43, sentenced to eight years for sodomy

Lee Henkis, a repeat  offender who was convicted of an unnatural crime, was sentenced to eight years in prison, after Supreme Court Justice Troaido Gonzalez heard a mitigation plea on his behalf on Friday, November 30.

The forty-five-year old Henkis was convicted on Wednesday, November 21, after a jury of four men and five women returned with a unanimous guilty verdict, after deliberating for four hours.

The victim, who was nine years old in July 2010, when the incident occurred, testified during the trial, and told the court that Henkis promised him a cell phone.

When the boy went to Henkis’ house to pick up the phone, Henkis told him that the phone was inside a room. When the boy entered the room, Henkis followed him, closed the door, undressed the boy, undressed himself, and proceeded to sodomized the child, before giving him the cell phone.

The boy also testified that Henkis made a video of him while he was naked.

The boy said that Henkis kissed him and told him bye when he was leaving the house.

The boy told the court that he took the phone home and gave it to his father.

He told the court that was not the first time that Henkis had buggered him, although, according to the victim’s father and mother who also testified during the trial,  Henkis knew her son, before the 2010 incident. Henkis always used to go to their house with gifts for her son, the child’s mother said.

Henkis was not represented by an attorney. But in a statement that he gave from the prisoner’s dock, he denied sodomizing the boy, however, he admitted to being with the boy on the day in question.

On May 15, 2000, Henkis was convicted of an indecent assault. He was sentenced to nine months in prison.

Then on February 1, 2002, Henkis was found guilty of an unnatural crime and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Under the sentencing guide lines that Gonzalez used to determine Henkis’ sentence of eight years, the judge took  into consideration that his last offence was more that ten years ago.

The maximum prison term for unnatural crime is ten years.

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