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Ladyville murder could be due to internal gang conflict

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

An ongoing dispute among members of theTaylor’s Alley street gang, reportedly over how monies from a bank robbery were shared, is one of the possible motives police are looking keenly into, following a murder in Ladyville.

The shooting incident occurred at around 8:00 on Samuel Gray Street in the Japan area of Ladyville on Thursday night, and claimed the life of Kevin “Breast” Peters, a member of the gang.

Peters had just returned to his place of residence after celebrating Thanksgiving with his family at another location in Ladyville, when his killer, a man bearing a handgun, opened fire on him in front of his house.

At first, residents did not think anything of it when they heard four gunshot blasts, until they looked outside and saw Peters lying on the street. One of the bullets had found its mark and struck him in the abdomen. He was.pronounced dead at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital the same night.

Peters was a key figure in the Taylor’s Alley gang, a street group whose internal conflict exploded onto the public scene, requiring police intervention. The opposing members had entered a mediation session, led by Sr. Superintendent of Police, who heads the Police Department’s Eastern Division South. The parties involved had also pledged during that meeting to put their differences aside.

The conflict last weekend reportedly involved an attack on Kenneth “Big Tom” Flowers, another of the group’s key figures.

One report has it that the factions with the gang are at odds over cash stolen on July 31st, from the First Caribbean Bank’s Save-U plaza branch, in which more than $50,000 was taken during a brazen morning armed robbery.

Peters had been targeted before, in April of 2012 at thr corner of Orange and George Streets inBelize City, when someone shot at him, but the bullets hit Orlando Reyes, 22, instead.

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