Ladyville cops foil robbery attempt in high speed chase

By Ingrid Fernandez
Staff Reporter

Ladyville police this week intercepted a vehicleand recovered a sub-machinegun. which they believe was intended for a robbery attack
According to Eastern Division Rural Commander, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, police acting pn a tip that individuals in a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV, were on their way to Ladyville to plant the gunnear te intended target, lay in wait for the would-ne robbers.

The men with the machine gun are believed to be related to a Belize City gang with operations in Ladyville. The police have chosen not to reveal more about the gang at this time but they say they know who the men are.

The Rural Rapid Response team placed did a stake-out at the Burrell Boom junction on Tuesday night, expecting to trap the men with the heavy-calibre gun.
Sure enough around 10:08 p.m. on Tuesday night they began to tail a suspicious looking SUV at the Burrell Boom junction, which quickly took off.
The Rapid Respomse Team took off in hot pursuit but stopped to recover a bag which the occupants of the SUV had tossed out the window.
The bag contained a Belgian-made SA 23 sub machine gun and bullets to match.
In stopping to recover the gun the police lost valuable time, allowing the men in the SUV to escape.

The SUV fled towards Orange Walk and the Rapid Response team has not explained why it did not call to alert Orange Walk to intercept the SUV and the gunmen.

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