Keon “Baba” Francis killed on C. American Boulevard

Belize City Police  have detained a 23-year-old man for the death of Keon “Baba” Francis Johnson, 21, on Monday.

Francis, an associate of the Gill Street Gang,  of Jane Usher Boulevard, was killed around 5:20 P.M. in what appears to be gang-related shooting, as he walked along Central American Boulevard on Saturday, October 19. 

Reports  say  Francis’ assailant chased him down Central American Boulevard, and caught up with him in front of the South Side Butane Depot.

He died about 25 minutes after arriving at the hospital.

Police recovered three expended 9mm shells from the scene.

Francis and another man  survived a similar  attack last July, when gunmen fired as many as 24 shots at them, as they were walking on Kraal Road.

The alleged assailants in that previous gun attack were acquitted in the Supreme Court, when Francis did not show up to court to testify in the case.

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