Jealous rage leads to brutal double homicide in Paraiso!

Corozal police today arrested and charged Salvadoran, Jose Santos, 67, for the vicious murders of Heidi Teresita Chable, 21, and Fernando Rivas, 49, which occurred early Sunday morning in Paraiso Village, Corozal.

Neighbours discovered the bodies of Chable and Rivas, who lived together in a small cement house, around 6:00 a.m. The neighbours reportedly heard fighting sounds, followed by Chable’s scream for help. When the neighbours reached the residence, the two victims were still breathing, but they died shortly after. By that time, the attacker had already left the scene.

That same day, police detained Santos, who they say was Chable’s other lover.

Rivas’s body was found lying face-up near the couple’s bed. He had been chopped multiple times to the face, head, chest and arms. Those who found the bodies say that it appears that Chable was able to run outside. She was found under a plantain tree at the front of the yard. She had similar injuries to those suffered by Rivas.

Neighbours told The Reporter that Chable, who has a four-year-old child, had just moved in with Rivas, a Salvadoran cane-cutter, about two weeks earlier. It is alleged that she previously lived with Jose Santos, for at least two months, before moving in with Rivas. Police believe that fuelled by jealousy, Santos surprised the couple early Sunday morning and hacked them to death.

Neighbours who knew Chable well have confirmed to The Reporter that she was mentally challenged. They told us that she has had a troubled past, and family members have been unable to keep track of her most of the time. They also claim that Santos had threatened Rivas and Chable before.
According to reports, Santos said he chope them up if they continued with their relationship.

There have been three murders by chopping in just a week in the usually peaceful Corozal District. In all three, Police have acted swiftly to arrest and charge those accused.

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