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Jealous man stabs common-law wife to death

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

A four year-old boy is suddenly left without a father and a mother after a domestic fight last Friday afternoon at their Benque Viejo Town home resulted in the father stabbing the mother to death in plain of everyone around.

The father, Ervin Wade, 28, an unemployed, reportedly got into a jealous fit over his common-law-wife, Keisha Buller, a 25 year-old customs officer who rented a house on George street and who was stationed at the Benque border.  During the confrontation between the two, Wade picked up a knife and stabbed Buller in her neck, stomach and shoulder. They fought from inside her house to the street, where she collapsed and died near her vehicle. 

Wade immediately put their son in his car and headed towards Belize City, but police who were unto him, intercepted his vehicle in Central Farm near Galen University. According to Officer Commanding the Benque Viejo police station, Superintendent Daniel Arzu, Wade’s hands and the interior of his car had blood.  Police also found what they suspect was the knife used in the crime.

Buller’s grandmother, who was present at the house when the assault occurred, reportedly tried to save her granddaughter’s life.  Buller, reports say, had been enduring a life of battery for some time with Wade, and had on several occasions, filed reports of abuse against him, but when the tensions cooled, she withdrew the charges.  They had recently separated, but she took him back just prior to her killing.  

Wade, who depended on Buller for financial support, is remanded to prison until September 17.  

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