Interpol seeks six most wanted Belizeans

By Michelle Sutherland


Six Belizeans were recently named among 257 Caribbean nationals on Interpol’s most wanted list.


The majority of accused criminals on the list were from the Dominican Republic with 160, followed by Jamaica with 54, and the Bahamas, Suriname and Guyana with eight each. Haiti had seven while Belize had six, followed by St Kitts and Nevis with two nationals on the list.


On the wanted list is phantom 40 year-old, Manuel Castillo Mendez also known as “El Pelon” who is the accused mastermind behind the 2014 kidnapping and murder of former mayor of Orange Walk Town Ramon Cervantes Sr. and the murder of Sonia Abac whose bodies were discovered in shallow graves on the Honey Camp road.


Miguel Matus, 34, is wanted for the 2006 murder of 17-year-old Pricilla Tzib. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and escaped custody while he was being escorted to a dental clinic. Lincoln Bejerano’s name is also on the list after he escaped from lawful custody in 2016 and is a suspect in the 2016 murder of taxi driver Isidro Suar, and the possible murder of another Belmopan taxi driver. Jaime Lionel Rivas, 29, from San Ignacio is also sought for questioning in a murder case in Belize.


Sixty-nine-year-old Boris Vostry, a Belizean and Czech national, is wanted for fraud by Czech authorities. Well-known character Joseph Budna, who is currently serving kidnapping sentences in a Guatemalan jail is wanted by the U.S. authorities for hostage, conspiracy to commit hostage, and using and carrying a firearm during and in relation to a crime.


Apart from the six most wanted persons, there are other names on Interpol’s list which includes 38-year-old Allan Cal, who is accused of the 1999 death of American national Anna Lightfoot who was robbed and stabbed to death. Twenty-eight-year-old Felipe Martinez, 32-year-old Sergio Recinos and Shaquille Jones are also all wanted for murder. The only female wanted by Belizean authorities is American national Shannon Nessl, who is accused of the 2014 Christmas Day murder of her common-law-husband, who is also her biological uncle.

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