Human remains robbed from grave

The skeletal remains of a woman were stolen last weekend from her tomb in Douglas Village, located in the Orange Walk District.
The bizarre incident has shocked the entire community and instead of receiving answers, they have been left questions as to who is responsible and more importantly why it was done.
The grave that was vandalized belongs to Felipa Sanchez who was laid to rest in the village cemetery “Campo: Jardin de Descanco” over twenty years ago.
Over the weekend of February 8, the tomb was broken and her remains were stolen. Not surprisingly, family members are outraged at the disturbing incident.
Sanchez’s daughter, 77-year-old Eulalia Alamia, says she was informed of it by another family member. Upon making checks, they confirmed the reports.
Alamia says she found “one sock that she had placed on her mother’s foot and this had one piece of her mother’s remains”.
That is all they found, she says. Alamia said, “They felt saddened and prayed”.
The family is appalled at the act since they cannot fathom why anyone would want their loved one’s remains especially since she was not buried with any valuables.
As mentioned before, Alamia says given the circumstances she has resorted to prayer and that she leaves the culprit’s fate or punishment in the hands of God. The family has made a formal report to the police who have visited the scene but so far nothing concrete has been concluded in their investigation.

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