Honduran busted with weed pleaded guilty, regional gang related

By Ingrid Fernandez/ Staff Journalist

A Honduran national, Orbin Lenin Reyes, 25, was busted this weekend by Ladyville police with more than 16 pounds of Oaxaca marijuana at a bus shed on the Philip Goldson highway.

According to police, Reyes was detained around 11:43 a.m. at mile 10 on the highway with 15 compressed packages wrapped in tape. He was arraigned in front of magistrate Deborah Rogers on Monday and pled guilty to charges of ‘drug trafficking’. Reyes had previously been in the country legitimately for 21 days.

According to Officer in Charge of the Rural Eastern Division, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, police had intelligence on Reyes’ movement and were able to intercept him.

“We observed him alight the bus where we went in and made the arrest, found him with the knapsack containing the said cannabis. This was a targeted lead intelligence operation. We’ve been observing Mr. Reyes for a while in other criminal activities. The drug, we believe, came from Mexico and was heading to Honduras,” Broaster said.

Police have reason to believe that Reyes was an intermediary player, trafficking on behalf of a gang in Honduras, however, Broaster said police do not know Reyes’ scope of involvement outside of Belize.

“We know that he is involved in linkage with the gangs in Honduras, as to the links in Orange Walk, there are links in Orange Walk as well. Whether or not he has links in Mexico, we are not sure of that,” Broaster said.. Reyes later admitted in court that he was offered $100 to transport the drugs and that he was betrayed.

Broaster also noted that the newly acquired surveillance and communications system, RED-ICE, was essential in locking Reyes into a guilty plea. Police were able capture video footage of Reyes exiting the bus with the packages. Broaster also emphasized that the operation was conducted exclusively by the Rural Eastern Division without any external involvement.

Police estimate the value of the drugs intercepted from Reyes at $49,500. Reyes was sentenced to three years in prison for Drug Trafficking.

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