Homeland security upgrade at key locations

The Ministry of National Security has received more than US$150,000 worth of equipment from the United States Government to improve national security at key government locations. 

The handing-over ceremony took place at the Sir Edney Cain Administration Building in Belmopan on Monday, November 5, 2012.

On behalf of the U.S. Government, Deputy Chief of Mission Margaret Hawthorne handed over the equipment to Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar.

They include three Smith Detection X-Ray inspection Systems, (Hi-Scan 6040i, 6030di, 7555i), and two Walk-through Detectors, (Metor 200/ MELS 1812).

One of the X-Ray systems and walk-through detectors has been installed at the entrance of the Sir Edney Cain Administration Building, which houses several government offices, including the office of the Prime Minister.

One set of  detectors  has  been given to the Kolbe Foundation Correctional Facility in Hattieville  and another set is also being installed at the Charles Bartlett Hyde Administration Building in Belize City.

The Smith’s Detection System ranks among the world’s  best  X-Ray and trace detection systems.

It provides prisons with the most up-to-date X-Ray technology.

It is used to detect contraband and other illegal items that individuals may try to  smuggle into prisons.

The Hi Scan 6040i is suited for screening carry-on baggage at airports and similarly sized items in other environments.

Overall, the Smith’s Detection Equipment is used to detect and identify explosives, chemical & biological agents, weapons and contraband.

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