Hold-up in Cotton Tree Village marks start of Christmas season

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Three Bowen & Bowen employees, along with a Chinese grocer and his wife were relieved of their money and cellular phones during an armed hold-up at around 2:30 Monday afternoon in the village of Cotton Tree in the Cayo District.

Two men wielding handguns entered the business establishment and ordered the Coca Cola salespersons to lie on the ground.

While the first gunman held the Bowen employees at gunpoint, the other robbed the grocer and his wife of about $2,000 and valuables.
The first gunman then stripped theCoca Cola salesmen of their cell phones and watches and money collected from the day’s sales.

Altogether, the thiefs netted around $3,000 in cash and items.
Belmopan police are looking for a suspect from the Cayo District but are still trying to determine who his accomplice was.

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