Henkis, 45, guilty of sodomizing 9-year-old boy

Lee Henkis, a 45-year-old man of Dean Street, Belize City, showed no remorse or emotion on Wednesday, November 21,  after a jury of four men and five women found him guilty of buggering a nine year old boy.

Justice Troadio Gonzalez has given Henkis until Wednesday, November 28, to prepare a mitigation plea, prior to sentencing.

Justice Gonzales advised Henkis that the maximum penalty for this kind of unnatural crime is ten years. This is the second time that Henkis has been convicted of buggery.

The offence for which Henkis was  charged occurred on July 4, 2010.

The victim, , who was nine-years-old at the time, testified in private.

He told the court that he went to Henkis’ house and  Henkis  directed  him to a room to fetch  a blue Samsung cellular phone that was on a table.

When the boy went into the room Henkis followed him and shut the door.

The victim said  Henkis made him take off his clothes and then proceeded to sodomize him.

The boy testified that Henkis took pictures of him with a video camera, before kissing him on his cheek, and telling him, “bye.”

The boy told the court that he took the cellular phone home and gave it to his father.

He also told the court that this was not the fist time that Henkis buggered him.

The victim’s brother also testified, telling the court that he saw his brother with the blue cell phone. His father also testified that his son gave him the phone.

Dr. Egbert Grinage, a paediatrician who examined the boy, confirmed that he had been violated. Grinage told the court that this was not the first time that the boy had been in to see him.

The boy’s mother also testified that Henkis knew her son before the July 2010 incident. She recalled  that Henkis used to come to their house to bring gifts for her son.

Henkis, who was not represented at the trial, gave a statement from the dock. He denied that he had abused the boy, but admitted that he was with the boy on the day in question.

He told the court that he had taken the boy fishing.

The jury deliberated for four hours before returning its unanimous guilty verdict.

The Crown’s case was prosecuted by Crown Counsel Thalia-Megan Francis.

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