Guats suspected in armed robbery at western border

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Two Belizean money changers stationed at the Benque Border Management Compound were robbed at gunpoint at around 5:30 p.m. last Friday.
The victims were at a small booth assigned to money changers and taxi drivers at the Belize/Guatemala border, reports say, when two men with handguns attacked them and stole an estimated of $2700 from them.
The Reporter has learned that the gunmen fled towards the Belizean side of the border towards some bush on the banks of the Mopan River that separates our two countries.
The two money changers, meanwhile, have not given their names out of fear for their lives and safety.
Benque Police say that at the time of the hold-up the only armed policeman was located on the other side of the barrier, which is a distance from where the robbery occurred. They have also said that this is the first time that money changers have been targeted at the facility and they suspect the robbers were Guatemalans.

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