Guatemalan man almost decapitated; another Guatemalan detained

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Pedro Diaz Guien, 34, a Guatemalan who has made Duck Run III, Spanish Lookout his home for the past five years, was discovered almost decapitated a around 4 a.m. on Sunday on Emerald Trail, a road that leads to his house.

According to police, just prior to his death, the father of four was in the company of two men who reportedly took him home on a motorcycle around midnight.

Police, who had initially detained two persons, are now focusing on the driver of the motorcycle as their prime suspect. The three men, according to Officer Commanding the San Ignacio Town formation, Dinsdale Thompson, were drinking earlier in the day.

While police believe that Diaz’ killers were his drinking friend, others in his community have suggested that he might have been the victim of a Guatemalan gang-feud that caught up to him in Belize.

Ana Cecilia Diaz, the victim’s wife, has said that she last saw and spoke with Diaz as he left home to go socializing around 3 on Saturday afternoon, but he didn’t tell her where he was going.

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