Guatemalan family dispute turns Belizean kidnapping

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

Efforts are ongoing to locate a six-year-old girl who was kidnapped from in front of her Benque Viejo school on Tuesday.
Jermary Yony Cancinos, who lives in Melchor De Mencos, Guatemala, was forced into a blue Kia brand vehicle in front of Hills of Promise Seventh Day Adventist Primary School.

Cancinos’ kidnapping is said to have been orchestrated by her mother, who had custody rights taken away by the Guatemalan courts. She was abducted by her aunt, whom the Guatemalan authorities have detained and questioned.

While the aunt admitted to abducting the child, because the crime happened in Belize, the authorities have communicated that they will not charge her. Benque police, however, are preparing to arrest her should she ever cross the border again.

The police explained that though the child and her abductor are Guatemalans, the crime happened on Belizean soil therefore Belizean authorities will be investigating the matter.

Police say that there is record of the child entering Belize on Tuesday morning, but no documentation of her leaving, which leads them to believe that there is a possibility that she is being held here.

Authorities are reviewing surveillance footage at the border to see if the Kia used in the abduction crossed the border again that day.

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