Guatemalan banana worker chopped to death

Police are looking for  an employee of the Mayan King banana farm, Jose Soto, said to be armed and dangerous, for the murder of Isaac Gutierrez, 56, a Guatemalan laborer. Gutierrez was killed  on Sunday, July 21.

Independence Police found Gutierrez lying down with a large cut wound to his neck in his home around 6:30 Sunday evening. They rushed him to the Southern Regional Hospital where he died from his injury some six hours later.

Police investigation revealed that Soto had arrived at Gutierrez’s home on a motorcycle, but Gutierrez was under the influence of alcohol and did not respond even when Soto began kicking him.

Soto reportedly pulled a machete from his waist and chopped Gutierrez on the neck, before fleeing the scene on his motorcycle.

The police report offered no motive, but reports say that Soto’s  dispute with Gutierrez  over his pregnant 16-year-old stepdaughter may have provoked the attack.

Police pathologist Dr. Mario Estrada Bran conducted a postmortem examination  on Gutierrez’s body and reported he died from “acute left tobar edema, buse edema of the upper respiratory airway, a slashing wounds of machete type.”


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