GSU raids homes in San Jose, Orange Walk! Did a politician dispatch the terror squad?

Why did GSU officers descend on three homes in the northern village of San Jose, Orange Walk District, at 4:30 a.m. Sunday?
The families terrorized by the early morning raids allege that the elite squad’s visit was a pre-election intimidation tactic.
GSU Commander Mark Flowers, however, claims that they were looking for drugs and guns, though they didn’t find any.

The claims being made by the Teck family are disturbing. They woke up at 4:30 a.m., when the GSU started kicking down their front door.
Pedrito Teck says the officers claimed to be looking for drugs and firearms, but they didn’t ask him questions related to illicit activities. He alleges that they asked – “Why am I going to vote for the PUP? … They asked if I was UDP or PUP.  I used to be UDP, and I told them that. He asked me if I am sure I am going to vote for the PUP.  I told him yes.” Teck also said the GSU member told him he could go get Gaspar Vega if he wanted to talk to him.

Vega is the Area Representative of Orange Walk North. His seat is being contested by Ramon Cervantes Jr. Interestingly, the three homes raided belong to traditionally UDP supporters who have switched allegiance to the People’s United Party, and have done so very openly.
All three homes are covered with blue and white signs and banners. At one of those homes, belonging to the Pinkney family, PUP signs are constructed for distribution in the area.
Emerita Pinkney got her visit from the GSU early that same morning – “At around 4:00 to 5:00 a.m..

The GSU came to our house and they broke down the door and they got in like animals. They broke our window where we sleep. We have two little daughters and when they broke the window I shouted to them please don’t break the window because I have two little girls. They could be hurt. And they still broke the window.”

The GSU didn’t find anything in the Pinkney home either. GSU Commander Mark Flowers told the Reporter after the incident that officers were searching for a gun. He dismissed allegations that the GSU entered into any line of political questioning. According to Flowers, that is just political mischief instigated by Ramon Cervantes Jr. –
“If I was a politician and I was behind in a race I would certainly use any tactics including libelling and defaming and asserting that the process wasn’t working.

“But boss don’t do it at the expense of the police. Not because you di lose in a political race you will blame the police.”
Although it seemed a little out of place, Flowers made no secret of his own political ties, stating that – “The people will make the final determination and what is a foregone conclusion is that you know the government will be returned. I think they have done enough that people have seen.”

Flowers told the Reporter that based on the allegations made against the GSU officers, he has decided to ask Eastern Division South Commander Chester Williams to investigate and to make a determination if there is any credibility to the reports, though Flowers says as far as he is concerned, it is not true. The Reporter tried to reach Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega but he did not return our calls or texts.

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