Grenade attack on Banak Street is open defiance of the law!

Evadney Jones and her son lived to tell the tale of what could have been another casualty in the city’s ongoing gang warfare, as the hand grenade that was thrown at their home at #4161 Banak Street shortly before midnight on Friday, June 8, thankfully did not explode.

“It did not carry an explosive charge.and that’s why it did not explode”, explained Colonel James Requeña, an ordnance expert of the Belize Defense force who was called in to examine the missile. He explained it was a training grenade used in training exercises, identical in every respect to an explosive grenade, and colour-coded to distinguish it from the real thing.

The grenade was also rusted and corroded, and had left an indentation the size of a baseball in the plycem wall.

Neighbours say they saw two men approach the house and one of them threw the grenade.

Jones was awakened by the loud  thud against the side of her house, and said she had called the police about eight times before they finally responded.

The two men who had thrown the grenade returned to “check” on the house while she was waiting for the authorities to arrive, she told The Reporter.

If the police had come sooner, they might have been able to apprehend them, she said.

Two weeks earlier, someone fired several shots into the same house, leaving bullet holes in  the  wall  and  window.

Jones said that her home has been under attack for several months.

She is pleading with the police for help, acknowledging she has a son who is an associate of the Taylor’s Alley Gang.

“It is my youngest son, Patrick Jones,  that they are after. But he does not live here with us, for the very same reason.

“When he was here, every time you would see somebody with gun passing by.”

She added: “If they want to go and fight fire, go where the fire is! No fire no de ya!”

Jones is a working mom who spends all of her day at work and returns home for the night. Her other son, who suffers from a disability, is not involved in any kind of gang activity.

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