Gregory August gets life in prison for the murder of Alvin Robinson

Supreme Court Justice, Adolph Lucas, after listening to three character witnesses in mitigation pleas on behalf of convicted killer, 24 year-old Gregory August, handed down a life-in-prison sentence, on Monday, November 26.

Justice Lucas stipulated that August’s sentence is to run from May 26, 2009, the date when he was first arrested and charged with the murder of Alvin Robinson, a resident of eight and a half miles, Western Highway. 

A jury of five men and seven women deliberated for more than four hours before returning an unanimous guilty verdict on Wednesday, November 21.

August was accused of the gruesome murder of Alvin Robinson, a seventy-three-year-old man, who was  blind in one eye and disabled in one leg.

On the night of May 23, 2009, Robinson’s son had gone to take food for him at his  hut-like  house. After calling out to him and getting no response, he spotted  his flashlight and discovered his father covered with blood.

An attempt was made to rush Robinson to the hospital, but he died, while on the way to Belize City.

During the two-week trial, evidence was presented which confirmed that prior to Robinson’s violent death, August had violent run-ins with two of Robinson’s grandchildren.

Witnesses testified that August threatened them.  “Watch what will happen when we return”, they heard him say.  At the time he was  accompanied by another man.

Pieces of those circumstantial evidence,  stitched together, led unerringly to August.

Police investigators testified that they found a shoe print near the crime scene matched  those of  August’s shoe. Investigators also found blood  one of August Nike tennis shoes. Blood was also found on August’s  T-shirt.

The blood samples taken from the T-shirt and the tennis shoe corresponded with Robinson’s blood type; but further DNA analysis would have been needed to confirm that it was indeed Robinson’s  blood.

In his defense, August gave a statement from the prisoner’s dock to say that he had indeed  gone to  Robinson’s yard, but that he only went there to make a marijuana purchase and left.

The jury remained unconvinced  and in the end decided that the circumstantial evidence against him was enough to return the guilty verdict.

August was defended by attorney at law Lionel Welch. Crown Counsel Stevanni Duncan presented the case for the prosecution.

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