Grandmother and granddaughter shot while watching tv

By Marion Ali
Assistant Editor

A little girl narrowly escaped death when a bullet ripped through her house as she sat and watched the evening news with her two siblings, cousins, and her grandmother on Tuesday.

One bullet struck the 7-year-old girl in the back, exiting her abdomen, damaging her intestine in the process. Another grazed her grandmother, retired nurse, Judith Rocke, 60, on the forearm.

The incident happened around 6:30 p.m., while the family were gathered in a sofa in their living room on New Road. The family heard a series of gunshots and saw that the bullets were tearing through their house. At that point, one of Rocke’s sons told the children to go to the back room, and it was while the child, Mali Herrera, was heading to the room that a bullet struck her in the back.
The shots are believed to have been meant for one of Rocke’s sons who doesn’t live at the address, but only visits. The gunman reportedly fired from a narrow alley across the street from the family’s house.

Rocke has said publicly that if her son is involved in any wrongdoing in the streets and it should come back to haunt him, she has no problem with that because that was his choice; but she has a problem with the fact that someone has brought the vengeance on her home, wounding an innocent child.

Mali Herrera is listed in a critical but stable condition. She underwent a lengthy surgery on Tuesday night and is expected to recover from the wound; meanwhile, by Thursday, Rocke was already back at her workplace with a bandaged forearm.
Police have no suspects in the shooting.

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