Former policeman found dead in river

Maurice DuceMaurice Duce, 24, a former Policeman who resigned from the Police Department around a year ago was discovered dead and floating in the Belize River on Tuesday.

His body was retrieved near the Haulover Bridge shortly after midday after it was first spotted in the morning around the Manatee Lookout about three miles further up the river. 

Duce’s body was floating face down and clad in a pair of black pants and a white T-shirt.  Because of the state of decomposition, the body had to be taken immediately to a location off the Burrell Boom road for a post mortem, which determined that Duce died of drowning.

His remains were handed over to his family for burial, but as  they lay their loved one to rest, they believe that there was more involved in Duce’s death.

His father, Joseph Duce, a Haitian National, says  he didn’t think his son would have gone in the river. He believeds that someone killed him and then discarded his body in the river.  He said that he saw his son last Friday and that he (Maurice) spent time with family members on Sunday.

Despite the post mortem results, Joseph Duce has asked for a full investigation into his son’s death, es because when the body was retrieved, a part of t Duce’s  left hand was missing.

Duce was laid to rest at Eternal Garden Cemetery at Mile 13 off the George Price Highway.

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