Forged Drivers Licenses trigger security measures in Belmopan

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

The Department of Transport is in the process of improving the security features on driver’s licenses issued by its various branches. The department is also working to speed up the process to standardize licenses, with one set of security features , formatting and stamp.

The move comes on the heels of last week’s discovery after four fake driver’s licenses complete with official stamp , apparently from the Orange Walk Transport Department, surfaced in San Pedro.

Commissioner of Transport, Crispin Jeffries, told the Reporter on Wednesday that the Department in Belmopan has conducted an internal investigation to learn more about those fake licenses . He notes that while the stamp on the fake licenses appeared to be similar to that of the Transport Department, several inconsistencies were identified.

“We can’t determine if it was anyone from the Department because with technology, it is so easy to forge things nowadays, and there are unscrupulous people who would make stamps out there,” Jeffries lamented.

He added that the Department is now making strides to work through the Central Integrated Technology Office (CITO) or possibly an overseas company, to begin the process of producing all licenses from one centralized location, rather than from “stand-alone” branches countrywide.

This process would complement government’s 2009 introduction of the new driver’s license – an initiative that did not have nationwide reach. Jeffries said that by July 2016 the Department will have started on the physical aspects of the license, after the phase of computerization is complete.

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