Foot patrol in Arenal yields 9 lbs of weed

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

A midnight foot patrol on Tuesday in Arenal Village, near the western border, yielded more than nine pounds of marijuana, when members of the Police Department’s Special Patrol Unit (SPU) intercepted a suspicious vehicle and nabbed its five occupants.

The five charged with drug trafficking are: Dillen Dougal, 20, of Rootsville Belize City; John Garcia, 18, of Melhado Street San Ignacio town; Egbert Conorquie, 32, of Hattieville; Anthony Conorquie, 35, of Tibruce Street Belize City; and a 17 year-old youth of San Ignacio town.

The patrol team saw the red Mitsubishi Galant car on an unnamed street and used a flashlight to signal the driver to pull over. To their surprise, however, the driver swerved the car directly towards them, and they retaliated by firing off shots at the vehicle’s wheel. One of the bullets struck the car’s left front tire, forcing it to stop.

Police say the man sitting in the front passenger side of the vehicle threw a large white bag several feet to the right of the vehicle on the road before he ran along with another occupant from the back seat. Police ordered the men to stop and they complied, while the driver and two others from the back seat remained seated in the vehicle.
Police rounded up the five suspects and walked them to the spot where the front seat passenger had thrown the bag. A search of the bag resulted in the discovery of the weed, weighing 4,228 grams, or 9.32 pounds.

The five were each granted bail in the sum of $6,000 plus two sureties but were unable to meet the conditions and were remanded to the Hattieville Prison until January 28th, 2016.

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