Food vendor charged with Rockowski murder

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Toledo Police have arrested Roy Jones, 48, a food vendor of Cattle Landing village, Toledo, with the murder of Thomas Paul Rockowski, 69, an American recluse who lived alone. Rockowski was at his home alone in the Hopeville area of Punta Gorda, on the night of Saturday, February 13.
He was reading a book when three persons forced open his screen door. One of the intruders stabbed him in the chest and neck. Rockowski was able to call 911 and tell police he could recognize he man who stabbed him. He died the following night, however, before he could identify his killer.

Police have come up with two witnesses of their own, one of whom is a woman he and the other, a Rockowski’sfriend. The two were apparently at Rockowski’s house the night of the murder. Police believe Jones killed Rockowski in a fit of jealousy following an argument over a woman both of them had been seeing at one point.

Jones, also known in Belize City as “Patties”, was in trouble with the law in 2015 when police arrested him and charged him with the rape of a 17 year-old girl in November of 2014.

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