Five persons detained for brutal butchering of Toledo teens

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

Five people are in police custody pending investigations into the brutal butchering of two Toledo teenagers on Sunday night.

Sisters, Crecencia and Josephina Oh, 18 and 17 respectively, were chopped to pieces on Sunday night. The gruesome images from the crime scene, which looked like something from a horror movie, spread like wildifre on social media and caused much outrage.

The partially nude bodies of both women were discovered just after 10:00 p.m., on January 21, by police. The bodies were found lying beside the roads on the outskirts of San Jose village, with huge chop wounds.

According to reports, that day the girls, in the company of another sister, had traveled from their home in San Antonio, Toledo, with some Mennonite Christians to attend a church service ten miles away in San Jose village.

After the church services had ended one of the sisters traveled back home with the Mennonites in a private vehicle, while the other two stayed behind in the village so that they could visit with an older brother who was residing there.

According to residents, the girls were seen leaving the village on foot around 6:30 presumably en route to their home. They never made it, however, and the following day the family was informed of the ghastly discovery.

Family members who are overcome with grief have no idea why the girls were so savagely murdered. The act was condemned by the Toledo Alcalde Association (TAA) and the Maya Leaders Alliance (MLA), who have both pledged to work with the authorities to bring the killer/s justice.
Police are awaiting the results of post mortem examinations to determine whether the Oh sisters were sexually assaulted.

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