Fist fight at nightclub leads to accidental shooting, traffic accident

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

A group of men who were embroiled in a fistfight inside a nightclub never imagined their fracas could have led to an accidental shooting when a security guard tried to restore order among them, and then end up in a traffic accident while heading to the ER to seek medical treatment. As a result of the accident, one of them is also now in a coma.

It all began around 3:00 a.m., Sunday when the group of men were ejected from the Club Elite nightspot inside the Princess Ramada building. They reportedly took their fight outside in the entrance area and Glenford Brown, 33, a security guard attached to Technical Security Systems Company Limited based in Cayo, went against training codes, and fired his 12 gauge shotgun into the pavement in an attempt to stop the fight and disperse the crowd.

The bullet splintered into bits and those fragments ricocheted into the crowd, hitting Tyrin Faber, 21, in the chest and forearm. Elon Faber, Tyrin’s cousin, suffered pellet wounds in his back.

The shooting prompted a new type of urgency, as the need to end a brawl quickly turned into a need to rush two patients to the ER. The Fabers were transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, but in the haste to get them there quickly, the car in which they were being taken, spun out of control and turned over on Freetown Road near its junction with the Cinderella Plaza. The car eventually landed on its side, leaving Jaime Bradley, a friend of the Fabers who was in the car, with a serious head injury. Doctors have placed Bradley in an induced coma, to try to ease swelling on his brain.

Tyrin and Elon Faber are receiving treatment, while Glenford Brown is in police custody pending classification of the wounds they sustained.

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