Fisherman murdered on la Isla Bonita. Suspect charged and remanded

Gariel “Gabby” Salazar, 27, a fisherman of San Juan layout, San Pedro Town, is on remand at the Hattieville Correctional Facility following the Saturday morning shooting death of Rolando Espat Jr, 22, a fellow fisherman of the San Pedrito area in the same town.

Espat was reportedly heading home from a bar along with Jose Sanker, a friend, sometime around 12:15 a.m. when he was shot just 50 feet from his house.

A man dressed in red pants and red shirt grabbed him from behind and shot him in the left cheek. The gunman then stood over him and shot him in the chest and right upper thigh before running to a nearby yard.

Espat’s family has said that they know no reason why he was targetted, and the police would not speulate on what the motive for the murder was. It could have ssomething to do with the sale of drugs in the area.

Police recovered a 9 millimetre expended shell from the scene but the weapon itself was not found.
Since 2012, the Espat family has buried three of their loved ones due to violence.

Espat’s cousin, Daniel Alamilla, 17, and his younger brother, Charlie Espat, 18, were discovered in a decomposed state in shallow graves in Orange Walk in 2012 and his older brother, Byron, was stabbed to death in San Pedro last year.

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